The Beloved About Me Section



Stephen Buczak

At North Fork Forager, our story is rooted in the journey of a driven individual who discovered his true calling amidst the bustling world of online business. After serving our country with honor as a United States Marine, our founder  obtained a bachelors degree in criminal justice and became a police officer at Brookhaven Lab.  During Covid-19, he found a new sense of purpose in the realm of e-commerce. Beginning with a humble venture selling adorable baby onesies on Etsy that quickly snowballed into a full time operation.  While on a ferry to Connecticut, Stephen doodled ideas onto a Suffolk Times news paper about possible ideas for a local clothing company.  He figured out the name and quickly realized the untapped potential in a local clothing line and set out to create a brand that would celebrate the beloved North Fork of Long Island.

Raised in the beautiful town of Mattituck, Stephen's connection to North Fork runs deep. From the stunning vineyards and sprawling farmland to the picturesque beaches and quaint villages, this idyllic region holds a special place in his heart. Despite exploring different paths and places in life, the magnetic pull of a girl named Colleen ultimately led him back home, where his vision for North Fork Forager took shape, and the rest is history.



Colleen Krupski

Hello there! Allow me to introduce Colleen, Stephen's invaluable sidekick!

Colleen's journey began at SUNY Plattsburgh, where she earned her Bachelor's degree. Driven by her love for helping others, she continued her education and obtained a Clinical Doctorate in Audiology from Montclair State University. Although her expertise lies in audiology, she jumped into the world of being an entrepreneur alongside her boyfriend, Stephen.

Together, Colleen and Stephen founded "North Fork Forager," a local clothing brand inspired by the captivating North Fork region of Long Island. With her eye for design and attention to detail, Colleen actively contributes to the creation of our shirts and hoodies, ensuring each piece represents the essence of our brand.

Beyond her involvement in the production process, Colleen's role extends to social media management and sales. Leveraging her proficiency in digital marketing and her inherent creativity, she helps cultivate our brand's online presence and engages with our valued customers.

Having grown up on a farm in Cutchouge and being native to the North Fork, Colleen possesses a deep-rooted connection to the region's rich heritage. This connection fuels her commitment to preserving the essence of the North Fork through our clothing line, which resonates with locals and visitors alike.

Colleen's multifaceted contributions and unwavering dedication make her an indispensable member of our team. Her passion for fashion, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her genuine love for the North Fork community make her an integral part of the "North Fork Forager" family.





Susan Buczak

Meet Susan Buczak, a cherished member of our team and a true embodiment of warmth and creativity. As a devoted mother of two and proud grandmother of three, she brings a nurturing spirit to everything she does. Beyond her family role, Susan's artistic talents shine as she captures the essence of local North Fork landscapes through her vibrant acrylic paintings, which find homes in countless households. You'll find her deft touch not only on canvas but also in the meticulous way she packages and ships products from our store, What makes her involvement even more special is the familial connection she brings to the table – as the owner's mother, she infuses her work with an extra dose of care and dedication. Susan's multifaceted contributions make her an invaluable part of our endeavor, and her passion for the community truly sets her apart.